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Address and names for cutting and pasting

Burlington Township Council and Planning Board 851 Old York Road Burlington Township, NJ 08016 Attn: Mayor Brian J. Carlin Council: Councilman Michael K. Cantwell; Councilman E.L. Pete Green; Councilwoman Joyce R. Howell; Councilman Robert W. Jung; Councilman George M. Kozub; Councilman Carl M. Schoenborn; Councilwoman Patricia M. Siboczy; Planning Board: Delbert Rife, Chairperson; Joseph


June ___ 2017 Burlington Township Council and Zoning and Planning Board 851 Old York Road Burlington Township, NJ 08016 Attn: Mayor Brian J. Carlin, Councilman Michael K. Cantwell, Councilman E.L. Pete Green, Councilwoman Joyce R. Howell, Councilman Robert W. Jung, Councilman George M. Kozub, Councilman Carl M. Schoenborn, Councilwoman Patricia M. Siboczy, Attn: Burlington

Florence Warehouse

This warehouse is located in Florence, and like the other warehouse berm pictures I sent, is right next to a residential area. There is a very high brick wall that separates them along with a tall tree line in back of the neighbors homes. Also, In both instances the part of the warehouse that is

Talked to the Health Department

“I spoke with Tom Fox from the health dept today. I realize we may already have some of this info but… As far as noise ordinances Tom said the health departments regulations only pertain to idling trucks. A truck can not idle for more than 3 minutes after they dock but are allowed to idle

Westhampton Warehouses

I took a ride to a warehouse that was recently built next to town homes in Westampton. There is no one occupying it and they are still working on the inside along with parts of the landscaping that is not facing homes. There is a sizable berm which is buffering the neighbors from the warehouse. The

Community Concerns

Community Concerns General Concerns Loss of Property Value Loss of Sale-ability Loss of tax revenue for 5 years if DCT gets a 5-year abatement. Character of the Neighborhood The residential area gets turned into the warehouse district This would be the only warehouse in Burlington Township abutting a residential area Loss of Farmland Were Steeplechase home