Community Concerns

Community Concerns

General Concerns

  • Loss of Property Value
  • Loss of Sale-ability
  • Loss of tax revenue for 5 years if DCT gets a 5-year abatement.
  • Character of the Neighborhood
    • The residential area gets turned into the warehouse district
    • This would be the only warehouse in Burlington Township abutting a residential area
  • Loss of Farmland
  • Were Steeplechase home buyers mislead by the original sellers?

Concerns Specific to DCT’s Site Plan
(In no particular order)

  • Appearance
    • sight lines
    • maintenance of plantings
    • general upkeep of property
  • Drainage / Aquifer across from 806 Neck Road
    • (Note: percent of impervious coverage of land is 57%, which is within the limits allowed per zoning)
    • Has the water table been tested in the vacinity of 806 Neck Road? At one time there was an “underground river” through there and the water table was very high. Before the curbs were put in, vernal pools would be created on both sides of Neck Rd.
  • Flow of truck traffic on the property
    • Plan shows tractor trailer accessible roads close to houses in Steeplechase development.
  • Hours when the 18 months of construction may occur
  • Hours of operation for warehouse tenants
  • Fumes from trucks
  • Hazardous material storage
  • Job creation: what kinds of jobs/salaries, and for how long?
    • wages and job conditions
    • impact of increasing warehouse automation
  • Lights shining in homes
    • privacy
    • annoyance
    • light going above berm and fence and into 2nd story bedrooms
  • Noise Pollution (day and night) in residential area
    • Would the berm and fence dampen sound that reaches 2nd story living space?
  • Rodents population /  Pest control
  • Safety
    • speed limits, tractor trailer restrictions on Neck Road
    • increased street traffic
    • sidewalks?
    • plantings crossing property lines (potential for falling branches)
  • Security
    • trespassers
    • privacy
  • Taxes
  • Road Traffic
    • Noise
    • Traffic jams
    • Truck traffic on Neck Road
  • Waste Disposal
  • Wildlife (plants and animals)

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