Public Notice: Public Hearing 6/8/17

NOTICE PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Township of Burlington Planning Board (the “Board”) will hold a public hearing on June 8, 2017 at 7:00 PM at the Municipal Complex of the Township of Burlington, located at 851 Old York Road, Burlington Township, New Jersey 08016 for the purpose of reviewing and taking action on the application of DCT Industrial Operating LLC (“Applicant”) as more fully described herein for properties located at 1800 North Route 130, 707 Neck Road, 901 Neck Road, and 905 Neck Road, near the intersection of Route 130 and Neck Road, and known on the official tax maps of the Township of Burlington as Block 147, Lots 1, 1.02, 3.01 and 13 (the “Property”). The Property is located in the I-1 Zone and is also located within an area in need of redevelopment governed by the terms and conditions of the “DCT/McCollister’s Tract Redevelopment Preliminary Investigation and Redevelopment Plan” adopted by Ord. No. 2017-OR-007. Applicant seeks preliminary and final major site plan approval and subdivision approval for the redevelopment of the existing industrial property with two industrial warehouses totaling approximately 1,064,116 square feet, which the Applicant proposes to construct in two phases (the “Application”). Should the Board deem such relief necessary, the Applicant seeks variance relief to permit an encroachment of approximately 5.42 feet by a driveway into the buffer area along the western portion of the Property abutting the R-7.5 zone and Neck Road, where a buffer of 150 feet is required. The Applicant additionally seeks approval for associated parking, circulation aisles, driveways, landscaping, stormwater management basins and ponds, lighting, fencing, and other associated improvements to the Property. Applicant seeks any variances, deviations, design exceptions/waivers, submission waivers, interpretations, modifications of prior imposed conditions, and other approvals reflected on the filed plans (as same may be further amended from time to time without further notice) and as may be determined to be necessary during the review and processing of the Application. When the Application is called, interested parties may appear at the hearing or any adjournment thereof either in person or by attorney, ask questions, and present evidence and offer statements or documentation that may be relevant to the Application. The hearing may be continued without further notice on such additional or other dates as the Board may determine. The Application, maps, plans, and related supporting materials are on file in the office of the Land Use Department of the Township of Burlington, located at the Municipal Building, 851 Old York Road, Burlington Township, New Jersey 08016 and may be examined during regular business hours (or such other hours as set by the Township of Burlington). DCT Industrial Operating LLC By: Douglas J. Janacek, Esq. Gibbons P.C. One Gateway Center Newark, New Jersey 07102 (973) 596-4500 Adv. Fee: $63.02 BCT: May 28, 2017 Aff. Chg.: $20.00 7121615

taken from the Burlington County Times

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