Talked to the Health Department

“I spoke with Tom Fox from the health dept today. I realize we may already have some of this info but… As far as noise ordinances Tom said the health departments regulations only pertain to idling trucks. A truck can not idle for more than 3 minutes after they dock but are allowed to idle if they are in line waiting to enter the dock. This is supposed to help with air quality. Once the property is operational the noise regulations are allowed to be 65 decibels from 7 am to 10 pm and 50 debacles from 10 pm to 7 am. With 50 to 65 debacles being equivalent to an average conversation. A diesel truck is about 75-90 debacles but if you double the distance of the truck it cuts it in 1/2. The health dept does come out and investigate complaints by residents in reference to noise ordinances. They will also come out after 10 pm to investigate if needed. According to Tom, we should be able to request a noise study from DCT comparing similar cases of their warehouses near residents. The Heath Dept is not responsible for the light regulations ordinances during construction. This information is provided by our wonderful twp zoning and planning.¬†

I also have a call into the EPA and I am hoping to get some factual information from them regarding air quality with these trucks being so close to our houses. I  will be intouch!

Thanks, Connie Keen”

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