1930: Back when none of us were around and the land was all farms and orchards.


1970: Block 147 is zoned general business along Rt 130 and the rest is a farm.

: The general business area was expanded and designated L1 (light industrial.) The rest is zoned residential. There were a few houses in the residential-zoned area. The land was farmed where there weren’t houses.


9/12/1989 McCollister requested and was granted a zoning change, changing the residential zoned portion of his land to light industrial. 


1995: First houses in Steeplechase are built. 


More homes in Steeplechase in 1999:


2001 – McCollister facility adds another lot for trucks towards Steeplechase.


Zoning as it is today (no change from 1989 for Lot 147)

Link to current Burlington Township Zoning Map